Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

So glad the weekend is here :)  Since I'm not working yet, I'm stuck in the apartment by myself.  i try to keep busy, but it's nice to have someone to hangout with all day on the weekends.

Bosley is running, i mean sprinting, through the apartment right now like a psycho! I swear he is bipolar; one minute sprinting like a mad man, and the next minute he is the laziest dog in the world.
My case and point above.  He loves to mess up the bed as soon as I make it.

I got my haircut last week and not gonna lie, I was freaking out about it.  I needed a haircut and wanted to do something different, but I had gotten my hair done at the same place for so long. I worked at a salon through high school and then continued to go there through college.  I've seen so many friends go to nice places, expensive places sometimes, and get their hair butchered; my worst nightmare.  I wanted to go somewhere close, because driving here is the worst.  Traffic and road work are so terrible, a lot of times you can't even get around with a GPS.  Having said that, everywhere in Las Colinas is so expensive, I'm not going to spend $80 on a haircut!  I finally found a salon close by that didn't cost an arm and a leg and he did an awesome job.  I was very relieved and will definitely go back.
I've been on a roll lately trying new recipes. I made a tuscan pork tenderloin the other night, that is roasted inside a baguette.  Sounds fancy, but totally easy and so GOOD!  The bread absorbs all the flavor and juice from the pork; honestly I think it was the best part of the dish.  It calls for fresh herbs, and I did use fresh garlic and rosemary (because I love both, and they taste phenomenal), but substituted all the other spices with dried versions.  Honestly I don't think it makes that big of a difference in this recipe.  It also calls for fennel pollen; I have no idea what that is or where to get it. I just used dried fennel and it was good enough for me.  Here's the link:

I'll be trying another new one this weekend.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Hope everyone has a good weekend, and on that note GO CATS!


  1. We have the same sheets and extremely similar blue throw pillows. Except mine are on my couches! Funny!